Website Template Design

Do you already have an existing website and want to give it a face lift? Or are you currently building your website and just need a stellar design? I'd love to help you out there. I'll work together with your web development team to deliver the best possible website template that serves your project goals.

Website Template Features

Custom Template Design Based on Website Goals
The goals for your website are what drive your users to action and that's where I'll make your goals clearly defined through the layout.
Search Engine Friendly Templates
Search engine optimization (SEO) is based largely on the content within your website. Search engine spiders are programs that search your site to find all that great content. When they find this content, they send it back to the search engine so people can find you when they perform a search. If the spiders have to weed through a ton of HTML code to find your actual content, then you've got a problem. That's why I combine minimal use of HTML with a CSS-based layout (see below) to ensure that your template code is streamlined so these spiders can find that content easily.
CSS-Based Tableless Layout
There are basically two major options for website template layouts. The traditional method which uses tables for its layout structure and the newer method which uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for its layout structure. The reason this is such an important distinction is because CSS-based layouts tend to load faster, are easier to maintain/expand and perform better in search engines.
Customized Navigation
Your template navigation structure is a vital part of your website and is how your users find what they're looking for. I'll make sure your template navigation is tailored to your target market and is optimized for search engines as well.
W3C Validated CSS and HTML
The W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium. Their focus is to establish web standards and guidelines that help all website developers stay on the same page if you will. The bottom line is if your website is validated through the W3C, then this ensures that your website will be viewable and understandable by your users no matter what platform they're on.
Cross-Browser Tested
All the templates I design go through rigorous testing and debugging before they are handed off to your web development team. I'll make sure that your template is consistent across all the popular browsers. The browsers that I thoroughly test for compatibility are Internet Explorer 5.5+, Mozilla Firefox 2.0+, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. This will ensure that your browser will look and function the same for at least 98% of the users that will visit your site.
Versatile and Scalable Design
I always design with scalability in mind. As your company grows, you'll be feeding your website more content, pages and sections. This can be a painful process if your website is not easily scalable. So that's why I put much effort into developing templates that are scalable.
Plug-N-Play Layout Modules
Layout modules are stylized (eye candy) content containers that bring attention to important information for your users. This helps direct the users eye flow to areas you really want them to focus on.