Website Development

1. The Big Meeting

Every website I build starts with you, a piece of paper and a pen. I want to know all about you and what you do; how your business works; your business goals; your target audience. All of this will shape and mold the goals for your website and how it will look and function online. If possible, I like to handle this part of the process in person at your location to ensure I capture the full essence of your company and website needs.

2. Website Infrastructure and Organization

After the big meeting comes the website organization stage. This is where I take all the information gleamed from the meeting and build or reorganize the infrastructure and content flow of your website. This is often called the sitemap, but it's much more than that. It involves looking through the eyes of your audience to determine the best way to structure your website content so they can find what they're looking for fast.

3. The Design Concept

Once the infrastructure is all set, I'll create the initial look-and-feel of the site by working closely with you until you are 200% satisfied. This is where you'll really start to see things take shape and is one of the most exciting steps in the whole process.

4. HTML Template Development and Testing

When the design concept is finalized, I'll create a working HTML template. This is where you'll see how the website navigation and infrastructure will work. The template is fully tested in all modern browsers for consistency and compatibility. I make sure that all the templates I build fully meet the latest W3C standards.

5. Custom Programming and Content Population

In this stage, I'll use the sitemap I created earlier as a guide to finish out the rest of the website. Any customized website application needs will be developed and tested in this stage. We will keep in close contact during this part of the process for page approvals.

6. Final Testing and Completion

Once the website is completed, it will undergo one last very thorough testing before it will be ready for the world to see!