Logo Development

Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand development strategies. It's how your company is recognized. I hear people say that your logo should clearly define what you do. That's not true at all! Actually, that philosophy can greatly hinder the development of a great corporate identity! Not to say that your logo can't bare resemblance to what you do. There are times when an icon or some other graphic can literally represent what you do or sell in a very affective way. What's even more important than literal representations, is that your logo is unique in its market, is kept in front of your audience and has a design that's not based on the whims of current trends. Take the Nike logo or the Google logo for instance. Their corporate identities are not literal representations of the products and services they offer. What makes them recognizable to others is their uniqueness and their popularity. They're not great designs in and of themselves!

All in all, before I design any new logo for your company, I like to know what you currently have and how long you've had it. It may be worth more to you than what you think. There are ways I can give your current logo a face lift without destroying its legacy.

Your corporate identity can make a lasting impression. Let me help you make it the right impression.