Advertising Campaign Development

A unified advertising and marketing campaign has a strength and effectiveness that is hard to beat. Combine the right advertising mediums with one cohesive message and your audience will hear what you have to say. I'd love to collaborate with you on your next marketing campaign!

Popular Advertising Mediums

  • Printed Materials
  • Direct Mailers
  • Newspapers
  • Billboards
  • Email
  • Radio
  • Television

The Bob Scenario

Imagine Bob. He's your average working class man with a wife, 2.5 kids , a dog name Jack and Bob really wants a new riding lawn mower. Bob wakes up every day and reads his morning paper. On this particular morning, Bob stumbles upon an advertisement from Smith's Tractor Supply. They're having a huge one day sale where all their riding lawn mowers are marked down half-price! Bob thinks to himself, "Hmmm, that sounds interesting!".

Although intrigued, Bob continues on with his morning routine. Bob gets ready and is now on his way to work. While he's driving, he notices a billboard that has a picture of a brand new riding lawn mower and it says, "One Day Sale - 50% off Everything!". Bob is really starting to think about this sale, but he continues driving. Bob gets to work and fires up his computer. He checks his email and receives an email from Smith's Tractor Supply about their big one day sale. Now Bobs stuck thinking about this new mower of his. But as a responsible man, Bob continues with his work day.

After work, Bob gets in his car and turns on the radio. After hearing his favorite song, a radio announcement comes on. Yup you guessed it. It was a advertisement for a one day - 50% off everything sale from Smith's Tractor Supply. Now Bob's thinking, "Ok, maybe I'll just go down there and check it out.". But Bob continues on home. He stops at the mail box and grabs the mail. In the middle of the stack is a bright red direct mailer for the one day - 50% off everything sale from Smith's Tractor Supply. Now Bob has had enough. He walks inside the house and tells his wife all about his day and the big 50% off sale that Smith's Tractor Supply is having. His wife replied, "You know what, I saw a commercial on TV today about that same sale and I thought of you! You should just go down there and get your new dream mower!". Now Bob is riding in style on his new riding lawn mower from Smith's Tractor Supply.