Safe-Way Garage Doors

Safe-Way Garage Doors Website Design

Services Used:

Technology Used:

XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

The Need:

Safe-Way Door was in need of a complete website over-haul. They wanted a website that was intuitive, informative, clean and functional. They also wanted an online door designer where users and dealers could create their own custom door with custom options and receive an online quote.

The Solution:

The goals established for this website enabled me to meet Safe-Way’s needs and ultimately the needs of their customers and dealers. The infrastructure and user interface were carefully designed to be clean, functional and intuitive. One of the major features of this website is the custom website application I developed for their door designer. This application enables the user to design their own garage door complete with options like home façade, door styles, door colors, window options, hardware options and more. This online application also features three goal actions (email door, quote door and print door). These actions allow the user to take the next step in the decision process ultimately leading Safe-Way to a full conversion. This website also has many other unique features and I’d invite you to visit their website and see for yourself!


This site was developed while at Image Group.