Miretti Stained Glass

Miretti Stained Glass Website Design

Services Used:

Technology Used:

XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

The Need:

John Miretti is a local stained glass artist and was in need of a website to showcase his work and spread the word about his new company, Miretti Stained Glass.

The Solution:

The Miretti Stained Glass site displays a prominent phone number and call-to-action buttons throughout the website. This helps guide the users through the decision making process. The site also features a capabilities page where the user can get more information about the different styles and applications that Miretti Stained Glass has to offer. There is also a contact form where users can ask questions and get more information. The photo gallery section displays the talent and versatility of John’s work. The site focuses on who John is, what he does and how he can help them.