Wawaseed, Inc.

Wawaseed Corporate Identity

Services Used:

Logo Development, Corporate Identity Design

Technology Used:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

The Need:

Wawaseed, Inc. approached me at the inception of their business to develop their brand identity. Wawaseed supplies the local northern Indiana farming industry with seed sales, support and consultation. Their name was derived from a popular lake in the area named Wawasee Lake. By that name, they wanted to make a connection with the local farmers, yet still be identifiable within the seed sales industry.

The Solution:

To meet that need, I split Wawaseed into two words so that the word “seed” would stand out while keeping the Wawasee connotation intact. The brand colors and logo were developed to symbolize a corn on the husk with a modern twist.