A Little About Me

Hi! My name is David Ervin and I'm a freelance designer based out of Northern Indiana. I specialize in web site development and graphic design. I've been designing and developing since 1997 and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

My beautiful wife Amber and I have four crazy little children – Kyleana, Marcus, Abram and Omara. They are the true inspiration and motivation for what I do. I thank God for the gift of their lives.

How I Work

Getting To Know You

Every project begins with me, you, a pad of paper and preferably some coffee. I will gleam everything I can about you, your business and your project needs. This is a critical step towards meeting the goals of every project I do and it starts by asking the right questions. Who are your competitors? Where are the buyers and how do they find you? What do they expect? How do you succeed and how do you measure that success? How will you keep branding in tact? What’s the simplest and most effective way to execute? These are the types of questions we'll be exploring together to achieve optimum return on investment.

My Design Principles

Functional and intuitive design are the building blocks for every website I build and marketing material I create. Your target audience should be able to take action with clarity and simplicity. That's why every project is custom tailored to meet your customers wants and needs.

The Bottom Line

You're the expert at what you do and I'm an expert at what I do. So lets create great things together!

David Ervin and wife Amber